Tire Pump Controller
This is an expert system designed to replace existing mechanical systems; it consists of an electronic circuit and embedded software. The device adjusts the pressure to environmental conditions and to the type of tire. The software’s complex algorithms allow the device to inflate or deflate a tire with a high degree of precision (less than 1 lb./in.2 margin of error). The system offers a high degree of protection against blow-outs, which are effectively reduced to zero.

Video Recording Expansion System
This is an electronic circuit and embedded software combination that expands video recording time up to 72 hours using a standard VHS recorder and cassette. The circuit is installed inside the VCR.

Four Channel Video Scanner
Used for security monitoring purposes, this device can connect up to four cameras to a single video recorder. In case of an alarm, the time base and priority channels are programmable.

Gas Detection System
The gas detection system allows for the networking of up to 32 sensing probes or relays on four wires. Fully microprocessor controlled, the system makes entirely new applications possible and is less expensive than conventional standalone systems.

The safety of people being at stake, self-diagnostic and network disconnection protocols are included in the device’s electronics and activated in the event of minor or major anomalies. The system is compatible with a large number of sensing probes, which can detect the following gases: O2, CO, CO2, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, CI2, H2, HCN and HCI.

Robotic Automation of Photoelectric Cell Checks
This device automates post-manufacturing testing of photoelectric cells. Innovox designed all of the control drivers for the measurement instruments.


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