Cellular Backup System

This system, composed of an electronic circuit and embedded software, continuously analyzes the electrical characteristics of a telephone line. If there is a disruption, the system directs the voice or data communication to a cellular device, respecting a precise protocol. Certain automatic teller machines and alarm systems are equipped with this system.

Wide Area Public Address System (Decision Support)
This remote public address system is used by Hydro-Québec. It is a system composed of plug-in electronic cards that allow Hydro-Québec to communicate with all points of its emergency network during electrical outages. When not in use, this new system constantly verifies the status of the emergency communication system. It also uses the latest digital technologies.

Call-Branching Device
This call-branching device allows Hydro-Québec to reduce by half the number of telephone lines required for its communications throughout Quebec (see Wide Area Public Address System). The electronic cards making up the device intelligently route calls based on demand.

System for Broadcasting Telephone Calls
Specially designed for broadcasters, this system automates the entire process of putting telephone calls on the air. It allows full-duplex conferencing with up to 10 lines without degradation of audio quality. It can sort calls, send voice messages to callers, tell them when they are about to go on the air, give audio priority to certain lines, detect hang-ups, filter background noise, etc.

The product includes nine specialized electronic cards, which are inserted into a purpose-built 19-inch case. A master board allows telephone voice and data signals to share a line without affecting each other.

Innovox’s expertise made it possible to integrate a switched-mode power supply into an environment where audio signals need to be excellent at all times. The development of this product resulted from a major research effort.

Programming Library and Peripherals for Integrated Circuit Cards
Design and development of a programming library allowing programmers to easily include an integrated circuit card into current applications; design of a video-signal capture device and twin-chip card reader. These tools make it possible for multimedia elements to be stored in the card’s memory (photos, signatures, fingerprints, sounds, data, etc.). All information is encrypted and compressed.

Computer Supported Telephony
Design of an electronic interface and a software application making it possible to operate the entire Hydro-Québec communication network from the computer terminals of the network’s operators and supervisors.

The electronic interface monitors communication-system activity and converts the data into a multimedia format. It is also capable of interacting with the communication system by sending it precise commands.

Smart-card Reader for e-Commerce
We have developed an economical smart-card reader for home use and a secure communication protocol for the Internet.

The product was created in partnership with the Netscape Development Group. It enables commercial transactions over the Internet that are completely secure and confidential for both the customer and the merchant. With this system, a consumer can reserve theatre tickets, read a magazine, order an item or rent a movie from the comfort of home.

Home Automation Phone Module
This module provides functionality allowing a user to control four devices remotely by means of a series of menus accessible by telephone.

It is a user-friendly system designed to prevent abuse by unauthorized persons. After answering a call, it indicates the different menu commands using a series of distinct tones. It ends the call at the first sign of unauthorized use.

Runway Emergency System
This device allows the coordination of ground movements by airport emergency services while accounting for all traffic. It is currently used by air-traffic control at Montreal International airport (CYUL).

RF Audio Injector and Public Address System
This electronic module allows various multimedia devices to be integrated into a vehicle’s existing audio network (bus, boat, mobile home, etc.) without having to modify the vehicle and/or add audio cables or other audio equipment. It also integrates a public address system.


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