Flexible Keyboard Tester
This device is used for testing the resistive, capacitive and bitmapping properties of all types of flexible keyboards in order to detect their defects (short circuits and open circuits) during manufacturing.

The system has been used in manufacturing flexible keyboards and keypads for lottery terminals and some models of automatic teller machines. The result has been a considerable improvement in reliability.

Antistatic Detection Probe
This is an electronic circuit board with embedded software that makes it possible to determine the surface resistance and antistatic capacity of materials. The small device, which is held in one hand, automatically selects a sensitivity scale depending on the material.

Optical Etchings Location Device
Manufacturers of optical discs and eyeglass lenses place faint engravings (± 5 microns) on their surface, marking the focal point, the position of progressive focal points, etc. When an anti-scratch or anti-glare coating is applied to the surface of the lens, these marks are no longer visible using conventional reflective methods.

Using a laser light source and an optical diffusion system, this device makes it possible to locate the guides. To this end, the disc or lens is placed on a turntable that is moved along two axes by servomotors.

Self-Diagnostic System for Telephone Lines
A micromodule placed at the entry point of each residential line and a diagnostic device installed in the telephone exchange allow telephone companies to perform periodic automatic testing of their lines. This device provides precise diagnostics even if one of a line’s two wires is cut. The company for which this product was designed and built already holds a patent for this application.

Nanometric Layer Generator
With extreme precision, this device produces atomic-scale layers of material using different molecules and particles fed into it. Highly automated, fast and efficient, it can cover large surfaces with one or more nanometric layers.

High Voltage Detector
This device detects the presence of direct or induced current on high-voltage electrical transmission lines (35 kV). It establishes its grounding reference using a radio link. It is used by maintenance personnel at Hydro-Québec’s distribution network.


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