Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

The microcontroller in this device uses advanced algorithms to calculate the blood alcohol level, controlling for sex, weight and the presence of certain enzymes.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
This monitor makes possible the precise quantification of numerous substances in blood, urine and certain human plasmas. It uses an analytical spectral band compatible with the most common reagents and with those developed by the client.

The device can perform over 6,000 tests per hour with extreme precision, using a range of 80 reagents and minimal sampling. In addition, it is smaller and less costly to purchase and operate than other devices on the market. The product incorporates a number of other innovations and benefits.

Anesthetic Valve
This valve is used for patients requiring anesthesia by rapid-induction inhalation of a volatile agent such as Sevoflurane.

It facilitates induction and enables the patientís pre-oxygenation during the priming of the anesthesia circuit. In addition, it reduces losses of anesthetic gas in the operating room.

Its medical-grade polycarbonate and nylon components are injection-molded and can be completely disassembled for sterilization.

Dynamic Phototherapy Unit
This device is used in the treatment of blood, immune system and neurological disorders through the use of photodynamic therapy (PDT) on adult stem cells.

It is currently used to treat cancers affecting the bone marrow, including chronic myeloid leukemia and non-Hodgkinís lymphoma.

Light Stimulator
This device functions autonomously, but it can also be computer-controlled. It stimulates the patientís optic nerve with intense photon emissions following a programmable pattern. It is primarily used to induce controlled epileptic seizures in order to describe the illness during a brain examination.

Dental Probe
This instrument allows dental surgeons to locate and quantify tartar located far below the gum line.

Apparatus for Enuresis Treatment
Following a specific physiological reaction, a probe placed on the child transmits a radio signal to one or more monitoring stations located within a radius of approximately 20 meters.



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